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STATE OF CALIFORNIA— BUSINESS, TRANSPORTATION AND HOUSING AGENCY EDMUND G. BROWN Jr., Govemor <br />DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION <br />703 B STREET <br />MARYSVILLE, CA 95901 <br />PHONE (530) 741 -4004 <br />FAX (530) 741 -5346 <br />TTY 711 <br />February 28, 2013 <br />Ms. Danyelle Nishimori <br />Community Development Department <br />Town of Truckee <br />10183 Truckee Airport Road <br />Truckee, CA 96161 <br />? 7 <br />Flex your power! <br />Be energy efficient! <br />032013 -NEV -0029 <br />03- NEV -80 / 22.45 <br />SCH# 2004052060 <br />Canyon Springs Subdivision — Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) <br />Dear Ms. Nishimori: <br />Thank you for including the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) in the environmental <br />review process for the project referenced above. The proposed project includes 177 single family lots <br />ranging in size from 14,000 to 31,000 square feet and 8 affordable housing parcels to be sold, <br />developed, or donated for future multi - family attached housing. The project is comprised of <br />approximately 283 acres and is located in the northeastern corner of Truckee, adjacent to the east <br />side of Interstate 80 (I -80). The following comments are based on the DEIR. <br />Traffic Impact Study (TIS) <br />The TIS does not provide a discussion of cumulative impacts to I -80. Please revise the TIS to <br />identify the project's increment to cumulative impacts to I -80 including ramps and mainline at the <br />Hirschdale Road interchange and identify appropriate mitigation measures should impacts be <br />identified. <br />Hydrology/Hydraulics <br />It appears that the preliminary hydrology and hydraulics reports (Appendix A, B, and C), dated <br />October 3, 2003, apply to the Tahoe Boca (2003) and Canyon Springs (2007) project proposals. <br />These hydraulic reports do not appear relevant to the proposed project. Please provide clarification <br />in this regard. <br />Additionally, the DEIR contains a proposal to retain excess runoff within the development, however, <br />there is no indication a retention facility has been designed or proposed for this development. Please <br />clarify how and where the excess runoff will be retained within the proposed development. <br />"Caltrans improves mobility across California" <br />