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5 ALTERNATIVES TO THE PROPOSED PROJECT <br />5-1 <br /> <br /> <br />A. Introduction <br />The State CEQA Guidelines require that EIRs include the identification and <br />evaluation of a reasonable range of alternatives that are designed to reduce the <br />significant environmental impacts of the project while still meeting the gen- <br />eral project objectives. The State CEQA Guidelines also set forth the intent <br />and extent of alternatives analysis to be provided in an EIR. Those considera- <br />tions are discussed below. <br /> <br /> <br />B. Alternatives to the Proposed Project <br />Section 15126.6(a) of the State CEQA Guidelines states: “An EIR shall de- <br />scribe a range of reasonable alternatives to the project, or to the location of <br />the project, which would feasibly attain most of the basic objectives of the <br />project but would avoid or substantially lessen any of the significant effects of <br />the project, and evaluate the comparable merits of the alternatives. An EIR <br />need not consider every conceivable alternative to a project. Rather it must <br />consider a reasonable range of potentially feasible alternatives that will foster <br />informed decision-making and public participation. An EIR is not required <br />to consider alternatives which are infeasible. The lead agency is responsible <br />for selecting a range of project alternatives for examination and must publicly <br />disclose it’s reasoning for selecting those alternatives. There is no ironclad <br />rule governing the nature or scope of the alternatives to be discussed other <br />than the rule of reason.” <br /> <br />1. Purpose <br />The alternatives evaluated in this EIR were developed with the intent of <br />avoiding or lessening significant effects of the project as identified in Chapter <br />4 of this Draft EIR and listed below. <br /> <br />2. Potentially Significant Project Impacts <br />The project impacts that would be less than significant with mitigation in- <br />clude the following: