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4.6 GEOLOGY, SOILS, AND SEISMICITY <br /> <br /> <br />4.6-1 <br /> <br /> <br />This section addresses the subject of geology, soils, and seismic hazards, and <br />mineral resources with respect to the buildout of the proposed project. In <br />addition, this section includes an assessment of potential impacts associated <br />with the development of the project with respect to the geology, soils, and <br />seismic hazards in the project area. The information and analysis in this sec- <br />tion is primarily based on the following documents, which are included in <br />Appendix J, Geotechnical and Hazards Data, of this Draft EIR: <br />¤ Geologic, Geohazards, and Environmental Hazards Evaluation Report Up- <br />date prepared by Geocon Consultants, Inc., June 2006. <br />¤ Preliminary Grading, Drainage, and Utilities Plan, prepared by SCO <br />Planning, Engineering and Surveying, Grading Plan, January 2011. <br /> <br />The abovementioned report, herein referenced as Geotechnical Report, is <br />based on a review of the following reports previously prepared for the project <br />site: <br />¤ Geologic, Geohazards, and Environmental Evaluation, prepared by Geocon <br />Consultants, Inc., June 2005. <br />¤ Geotechnical Engineering Report for Tahoe Boca, Truckee, California, pre- <br />pared by Holdredge & Kull, 2003. <br /> <br />The Geotechnical Report is also based on a review of available published and <br />unpublished geologic and seismic literature pertinent to the project area. In <br />addition, the Conservation and Open Space Element and the Safety Element <br />of the Town of Truckee 2025 General Plan, and the Safety Element of the Ne- <br />vada County General Plan and Grading Ordinance were also reviewed. <br /> <br />As illustrated on Figure COS-2, Important Mineral Resources, in the Town <br />of Truckee 2025 General Plan, the project site is not within an important <br />mineral resource area. The project would not result in the loss of availability <br />of a known mineral resource that would be of value to the region and the <br />residents of the state or result in the loss of availability of a locally important <br />mineral resource recovery site delineated on a local General Plan, specific