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4.1 AESTHETICS <br /> <br /> <br />4.1-1 <br /> <br /> <br />This section describes the visual resources on the project site and in the sur- <br />rounding area, and evaluates the effects the proposed project would have on <br />these resources, including effects on visual character, scenic views and vistas, <br />scenic resources, and light and glare. <br /> <br /> <br />A. Regulatory Framework <br /> <br />This section summarizes key regulations and programs applicable to aesthet- <br />ics on the project site. <br /> <br />1. Federal Regulations <br />There are no federal regulations pertaining to aesthetics that apply to this <br />project. <br /> <br />2. State Laws and Regulations <br />a. California Scenic Highway Program <br />The California Scenic Highway Program, maintained by the California <br />Department of Transportation (Caltrans), protects scenic State highway <br />corridors from changes which would diminish the aesthetic value of lands <br />adjacent to the highways. State laws governing the Scenic Highway Program <br />are found in the Streets and Highways Code, Section 260 et seq. <br /> <br />3. Local Regulations and Policies <br />a. Town of Truckee General Plan <br />The Town of Truckee 2025 General Plan includes several goals and policies that <br />relate to aesthetics. Table 4.1-1 lists these goals and policies. <br /> <br />b. Town of Truckee Development Code <br />The Town of Truckee Development Code, adopted February 10, 2010, im- <br />plements the goals and policies of the General Plan, regulating the form and <br />character of development in the Town. The Development Code is part of the <br />Town’s Municipal Code, and includes the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision <br />Code. The Town of Truckee Development Code includes a number of