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4.14 TRANSPORTATION AND TRAFFIC <br />4.14-1 <br /> <br /> <br />This chapter describes the existing traffic, circulation, and transportation <br />conditions in the Town of Truckee, addressing vehicular traffic, as well as <br />parking transit, pedestrian, bicycle, and aviation facilities, and evaluates po- <br />tential impacts of the proposed project. The information and analysis in this <br />chapter is primarily based on the following document, which is included in <br />Appendix I, Traffic Data, of this Draft EIR: <br />¤ Canyon Springs Traffic Impact Analysis prepared by LSC Transportation <br />Consultants, Inc., August 27, 2012. <br /> <br /> <br />A. Regulatory Framework <br />This section summarizes key regulations and programs applicable to transpor- <br />tation and traffic in Truckee. <br /> <br />1. Federal Regulations <br />There are no federal regulations pertaining to traffic and transportation that <br />apply to this project. <br /> <br />2. State Laws and Regulations <br />a. Caltrans District 3 Transportation Corridor Concept Report, Interstate <br />Route 80 <br />The Interstate 80 Transportation Corridor Concept Report (TCCR) (2010) is <br />Caltrans long range (20-year) planning document for Interstate 80. Caltrans <br />owns, operates, and maintains Interstate 80, which provides the primary ac- <br />cess to Truckee, including the project site via Interstate 80 Segments 14 and <br />15. Segment 14 of Interstate 80 is a 4- to 6-lane freeway running 4.7 miles <br />from Donner Pass Road to Old Truckee Airport Road (Overland Trail), and <br />Segment 15 is a four-lane freeway that begins at Old Truckee Airport Road <br />(Overland Trail) in east Truckee and ends 11.2 miles to the northeast at the <br />Nevada County/Sierra County Line. The most important information in- <br />cluded within the Interstate 80 TCCR is the level of service standards, con- <br />cept, and ultimate facilities, and a list of programmed, planned, and needed <br />projects. <br />