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4.13 PUBLIC SERVICES AND RECREATION <br /> <br /> <br />4.13-1 <br /> <br /> <br />This section describes potential impacts from the proposed project on public <br />services including fire, police, snow removal, schools, and parks and recrea- <br />tion. <br /> <br /> <br />A. Fire and Emergency Services <br />1. Regulatory Setting <br />This section describes the federal, State, and local regulations that provide for <br />fire protection services in the United States and California. <br /> <br />a. Federal Regulations <br />There are no federal regulations regarding fire protection services that are <br />applicable to the proposed project. <br /> <br />b. State Regulations <br />i. California Building Code <br />The 2010 California Building Code (CBC) is included in Title 24 of the Cali- <br />fornia Code of Regulations and is a portion of the California Building Stand- <br />ards Code. Under State law, all building standards must be centralized in <br />Title 24 or they are not enforceable. Through the CBC, the State provides a <br />minimum standard for building design and construction. The CBC contains <br />requirements that relate to fire safety. The building permit process includes <br />review of building plans for compliance with the applicable provisions of the <br />CBC. In addition, all operations and buildings must meet the California Fire <br />Code. <br /> <br />c. Local Regulations <br />i. Nevada County Fire Plan <br />The Nevada County Fire Plan (NCFP) was prepared to reduce the risk from <br />wildland fires to life, property, and natural resources in Nevada County and <br />comply with the Disaster Management Act of 2000 and the Healthy Forest