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4.10 LAND USE AND PLANNING <br />4.10-1 <br /> <br /> <br />This section addresses the subject of land use with respect to the proposed <br />Canyon Springs Subdivision Project (project or proposed project). The Cali- <br />fornia Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires an analysis of consisten- <br />cy with plans and policies as part of the environmental setting (State CEQA <br />Guidelines, Section 15125). An EIR uses the policy analysis as an indicator of <br />the resources that might be affected by a project and considers the importance <br />a policy gives a resource in determining the significance of the physical im- <br />pact. Conversely, the EIR considers the potential significance of the related <br />physical impacts when analyzing a particular policy. Inconsistency with a <br />policy may indicate a significant physical impact, but the inconsistency is not <br />itself an impact. The physical impacts of the project are analyzed in other <br />sections of this Draft EIR. <br /> <br />This section identifies the plans of the agencies with jurisdiction over the pro- <br />ject site and provides a brief description of each agency and the purpose of <br />each plan. This section also provides a detailed project consistency discussion <br />of the applicable policies of the Town of Truckee 2025 General Plan (General <br />Plan) and the regulations of the Town of Truckee Municipal Code Title 18 <br />(Development Code), as well as the applicable policies of the 1996 Nevada <br />County General Plan1 and the Nevada County Zoning Regulations for the <br />portions of the project outside of the Truckee Town Limit. However, discus- <br />sions for project policy consistency with the plans of agencies with jurisdic- <br />tion of the project site related to Air Quality, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, <br />Hydrology and Water Quality, Public Services (Fire Protection Services and <br />Recreation), and Transportation and Traffic are provided in Sections 4.3, 4.7, <br />4.9, 4.13, and 4.14 of this Draft EIR, respectively. To the degree that policies <br />over these plans overlap with those identified in this section, the consistency <br />finding is summarized in this section and cross referenced accordingly. <br /> <br /> <br />1 The Nevada County General Plan was approved by the Nevada County <br />Board of Supervisors in 1996 and subsequently amended in 2008 (Safety) and 2010 <br />(Circulation/Housing).