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3 PROJECT DESCRIPTION <br /> <br /> <br />3-1 <br /> <br /> <br />A. Project Location and Site Characteristics <br />As shown on Figure 3-1, the Canyon Springs Subdivision site (Assessor Parcel <br />Numbers 49-020-17 through -22) is located at the far eastern end of the Town <br />of Truckee (Town) in the Glenshire area, immediately east of the Glenshire, <br />Elkhorn Ridge, and Cambridge Estates residential subdivisions. The project <br />site is approximately 1 mile south of Interstate 80 and has direct access to In- <br />terstate 80 via the Hirschdale Road off-ramp to Glenshire Drive and then <br />Martis Peak Road. The project is comprised of 283.76 acres within the Town <br />limits and five acres within unincorporated Nevada County, herein collective- <br />ly referred to as the “project site.” <br /> <br />The Town of Truckee 2025 General Plan, shown on Figure 3-2, designates the <br />project site as RC/OS (Resource Conservation/Open Space) and RES (Resi- <br />dential) 0.5-1 du/acre (dwelling unit per acre or du/acre). The project site is <br />also within the Overlay Area 6 designation, which requires a planned devel- <br />opment that links access, open space areas and infrastructure between the <br />properties to be adopted prior to the approval of any tentative map. The <br />maximum allowable density based on the Town of Truckee’s current zoning <br />standards, shown on Figure 3-3, consists of: <br />¤ 213 lots on 213 acres in the RS-1.0 Zoning District (Single-Family Resi- <br />dential, density of 1 du/acre); 1 and <br />¤ Zero lots on 70.76 acres in the OS Zoning District (Open Space). <br /> <br />The additional 5 acres in unincorporated Nevada County is designated PD <br />(Planned Development) and IDR (Interim Development Reserve) in the Ne- <br />vada County General Plan and Zoning Ordinance, respectively. This narrow <br />strip of land running north/south connected to the northern edge of the <br /> <br />1 Town of Truckee Municipal Code, Title 18, Development Code, Chapter <br />18.03, Interpretation of Provisions, Section 18.03.020.C.1. Density is rounded down <br />to the nearest whole number; 283.76 total site acres less 70.76 OS acres equals 213 acres <br />zoned RS-1 allows for up to 213 lots.