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TOWN OF TRUCKEE REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY <br /> California <br /> RESOLUTION 2012 -01 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN OF TRUCKEE REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY <br /> AMENDING ITS ENFORCEABLE OBLIGATION PAYMENT SCHEDULE <br /> PURSUANT TO AB 1X 26 <br /> WHEREAS, in compliance with AB 1X 26, enacted by the California State Legislature <br /> and the Governor signed as part of the 2011 -2012 State budget bill, the Town of Truckee <br /> Redevelopment Agency ( "Agency ") adopted an Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule <br /> ( "EOPS ") to allow the Agency to make on debts and obligations listed on the EOPS; and <br /> WHEREAS, Health and Safety Code Section 34169, added as part of AB 1X 26, allows <br /> that the EOPS may be amended at any public meeting of the Agency; and <br /> WHEREAS, now desires to amend the EOPS to include all of the current enforceable <br /> obligations of the Agency; <br /> * * * * * ** <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, THE TOWN OF TRUCKEE REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY DOES <br /> HEREBY RESOLVE AS FOLLOWS: <br /> Section 1. Recitals. The Recitals set forth above are true and correct and <br /> incorporated herein by reference. <br /> Section 2. Amendment of EOPS. The Agency hereby amends the Enforceable <br /> Obligation Payment Schedule, as set forth in the Amended Enforceable Obligations Payment <br /> Schedule attached hereto as Exhibit A, as authorized by Health and Safety Code Section <br /> 34169. <br /> Section 3. Posting; Transmittal to Appropriate Agencies. The Executive Director <br /> is hereby authorized and directed to post a copy of the Amended EOPS on the Town's website. <br /> The Executive Director is further authorized and directed to transmit, by mail or electronic <br /> means, to the Nevada County Auditor - Controller, the State Controller and the Department of <br /> Finance, notification providing the website location of the posted Amended EOPS and other <br /> information as required by AB 1X 26. <br /> Section 4. Effective Date. Pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 34169(i), <br /> the Agency's action to amend the EOPS as set forth herein shall not be effective for three (3) <br /> business days following adoption of this Resolution, pending a request for review of the <br /> Amended EOPS by the Department of Finance. <br />