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CHAPTER 2.06 BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS -- GENERAL PROVISIONS <br /> <br /> 2.06.010 Commissions established. There shall be established within <br />the Town a Planning Commission. The Town Council may establish by resolution such <br />other boards or commissions as it deems necessary. <br /> <br /> 2.06.020 Number of members. Unless otherwise specifically provided, <br />each board or commission shall consist of five (5) members. <br /> <br /> 2.06.030 Qualifications. Unless otherwise specifically provided by law, <br />or by ordinance or resolution of the Town Council, all members of the boards and <br />commissions of the Town shaH, at all times during their incumbencies, be bona fide <br />residents and registered voters of the Town. No member of any board or commission shah <br />be a Town employee, nor shah any person be a member of more than one board or <br />commission at any one time. <br /> <br /> 2.06.040 Applications. The Town Manager shall maintain aH <br />applications submitted to the Town for board or commission positions for a period of two <br />(2) years. <br /> <br /> 2.06.050 Appointment. Each Council member shall appoint one board <br />or commission member which shall serve at the pleasure of the Council Member. (ORD 9501, <br />1-5-95) <br /> <br /> 2.06.060 Term. Each board or commission member shall serve a term <br />of four (4) years, or for an expired term if appointed to fiH a vacancy. Terms shall expire <br />90 days after the term of office of the appointing Council Member expires, or at any time <br />members leave office. (ORD 9501, 1-5-95) <br /> <br /> 2.06.070 Vacancies. If vacancies in any board or commission occur, <br />other than by expiration of term, such vacancies shall be filled by appointment for the <br />unexpired portion of the term. The Town Council member who appointed the vacating board <br />or commission member shall appoint a replacement. (ORD 9501, 1-5-95 <br /> <br /> 2.06.080 Meetint~s/Quorum. The Town Council shall establish meeting <br />schedules for each hoard and commission by resolution. A quorum of three shaH be <br />required for the transaction of any business. <br /> <br /> 2.06.090 Absence from meetings. Should any board or commission <br />member be absent from three consecutive meetings for the board or commission, that <br />member shah automatically vacate the member's seat on the board or commission. The <br />vacancy shah be filled in the same manner as any other vacancy. <br /> <br /> 2.06.100 Compensation. Unless otherwise required by law, board and <br />commission members shall receive no compensation. <br /> <br /> 2.06.110 Rules and procedures. Each board and commission shall <br />adopt its own rules of procedure and regulations pertaining thereto to govern the conduct <br />of its meetings. (Ord9315-6-3-93) <br /> <br /> <br />