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Town of Truckee <br />Ordinance 98-07 <br /> <br />CHAPTER 10.05 SPEED REGULATIONS <br /> <br />10.05.030 Prima Facie Speed on Non-Local Streets. <br />The following streets within the Town of Truckee are designated as minor arterial, major collector or minor <br />collector and the prima facie speed is set on each as follows: <br /> <br />Street Name Begin End Speed Limit <br />Alder Creek Road SR 89 North 100' East of Campground 45 <br /> (3.25 miles) <br />Alder Creek Road 100' East of Campground Fjord Road 25 <br />Bridge Street Donner Pass Road Jibboom Street 25 <br />Donner Lake Road 1-80 Interchange Donner Pass Road 35 <br />Donner Pass Road High Street SR 267 25 <br />Donner Pass Road High Street SR 89 25 <br />Donner Pass Road High Street Town Limit (West) 35 <br />Dorchester Drive Glenshire Drive (South) Roland Way 30 <br />Dorchester Drive Roland Way Glenshire Drive (North) 25 <br />Fjord Road Alder Creek Road Northwoods Blvd 25 <br />Glenshire Drive SR 267 West End of Glenshire 45 <br /> Subdivision <br />Glenshire Drive West End of Glenshire Roland Way 30 <br /> Subdivision <br />Glenshire Drive Roland Way Town Limit (East) 25 <br />Jibboom Street Bridge Street Spring Street 25 <br />Martis Valley Road SR 267 Placer County Line 30 <br />Northwoods Blvd All All 35 <br />Palisades Drive SR 267 Torrey Pine Road 25 <br />Prosser Dam Road SR 89 Easterly 1.3 Miles 45 <br />Prosser Dam Road i .3 Miles East of SR 89 Town Limit (East) 35 <br />South Shore Drive Donner Pass Road End 25 <br />Spring Street Jibboom Street Commercial Row 25 <br />The Strand Glenshire Drive Donnington Lane 25 <br />West River Street River Park Place County Line (West) 45 <br />West River Street SR 267 River Park Place 25 <br /> <br />ORD 98-01 03-05-98) <br /> <br /> <br />