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TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br />DOWNTOWN CITIZENS' ADVISORY COMMITTEE <br />October 10,1995 <br />11:OOam-1:OOpm <br />TRUCKEE DONNER PUBLIC UTILITY DISTRICT BOARD ROOM <br />11570 DONNER PASS ROAD, TRUCKEE, CA. <br />MINUTES <br />Meeting called to order at 11:20 a.m. <br />Town Planner Elizabeth Eddins began the meeting by providing a review of the committee's <br />changes to date of the conceptual land use plan element of the vision plan. <br />Next, the DCAC discussed the limitations to single-family residential land uses with regard to <br />second dwelling units. After much debate, the committee agreed that duplex type residences <br />would be considered to be multi-family in nature, and therefore would not be permitted in single- <br />family zoning districts. However, attached apartments (with square footage limitations) would be <br />permissible in the "Rl"zone. <br />At this point, mention was made of the need to revisit the issue of site design for the mill site, <br />with regard to solar concerns. Another issue to be decided at a later date, was determined to be <br />the addition of two properties to the DSA that are located immediately to the east of the study <br />area. <br />DCAC members next turned the topic of discussion to the field trip that was conducted <br />immediately prior to this meeting. There was more discussion of the proposed parking structure's <br />impact on potentially historic structures that currently exist on (part of) that site. Possibilities <br />that were examined include relocating the buildings to the other (south) side of the street or some <br />other location, and removal of the structures entirely if moving them proves infeasible. <br />Regarding this issue, a majority of the committee members expressed an interest that the <br />character of the historic Jibboom Street neighborhood be preserved in some way. <br />The committee proceeded to revisit the issue of the possibility of relocating the downtown post <br />office. While several members indicated that they would like to see the post office remain at its <br />present location, there was general agreement that the site should be rezoned to commercial (with <br />the understanding that any future location(s) for the post office should remain downtown, either <br />inside the retail azea of the proposed parking structure or at the mill site, or both). <br />Issues raised relative to the proposed Spring Street extension include: whether the existing gas <br />station structure should remain, and whether there might be room enough for the building to <br />remain along side the proposed park. In the end, the committee decided that if the building <br />remains, it should house "a use incidental to the pazk." <br />Committee members were instructed to review the "street regulating plan" component of the <br />vision plan prior to the next meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, October 11, at 2:00 p.m. <br />This meeting adjourned at 12:40 p.m. <br />3 <br />