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<br />EXHIBIT “A” <br /> <br />TOWN OF TRUCKEE <br />Deleted: <br />PLACER COUNTY <br /> <br />Deleted: <br />DEPARTMENT OF <br />PUBLIC WORKS¶ <br />WATER QUALITY MONITORING PLAN FOR <br />STORMWATER QUALITY DIVISION¶ <br />THE TRUCKEE RIVER WATERSHED <br /> <br />SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> <br />I.Project Background The <br /> Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board (Lahontan) recently <br />designated the Town of Truckee (Town) for coverage under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination <br />Deleted: <br />County’s <br />System (NPDES) Phase 2 municipal permitting program. Placer County has also been designated for <br />Deleted: <br />portion of the Truckee River <br />Watershed <br />NPDES Permit coverage; both agencies are working together to define consistent and compatible water <br />Deleted: <br />quality programs. Lahontan is requiring comprehensive water quality monitoring within the designated The Town of Truckee <br />permit area, as described in their July 3, 2007 letter to the Town of Truckee. The Town has prepared a <br />Deleted: <br />March 9 <br />Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) which was submitted to the Lahontan Regional Board on <br />Deleted: <br />Placer County <br />December 14, 2007. The subject comprehensive water quality monitoring plan is due to Lahontan by <br />Deleted: <br />County <br />July 1, 2008 in final form. <br /> <br />II.Project Description <br /> To provide a comprehensive water quality monitoring plan, budget and <br />implementation schedule for that portion of the Truckee River watershed area within the Town of <br />Deleted: <br />Placer County <br />Truckee. <br /> <br />III. Items of Work <br />The TOWN contracts with the CONSULTANT to provide all required services <br />Deleted: <br />COUNTY <br />necessary to prepare a final Water Quality Monitoring Plan, budget and implementation schedule for <br />the Truckee River Watershed in Town limits. <br />Deleted: <br />Placer County <br /> <br />Deleted: <br />. <br />Services shall include the following tasks: <br /> <br />Task 1. Development of Monitoring Plan Schedule <br /> <br />The Consultant will prepare the proposed schedule, meeting dates and detailed work plan for developing the <br />Truckee River Water Quality Monitoring Plan (WQMP). The schedule will incorporate appropriate review time of <br />draft documents, collection, compilation and response to comments, and revisions to the draft and submittal of the <br />final report by the deliverable date set by Lahontan. Review schedules shall include appropriate review times <br />(minimum of two weeks) to ensure quality stakeholders’ participation in review. The schedule development will <br />include preparation, travel and attendance of one project kick-off meeting with the core group followed by one <br />meeting with the core group and representatives from Lahontan (the extended core group) to refine expectations, <br />milestones and other important details of the Monitoring Plan. The Consultant shall develop a final schedule <br />showing the anticipated timing of events in order to develop a comprehensive WQMP. The Plan itself will contain a <br />separate schedule documenting the plan’s anticipated implementation process. <br /> <br />Deliverable: The Consultant shall provide a document (1 hard copy and electronic version in Microsoft Word <br />format) showing the scheduling of activities and meetings in order to develop a WQMP. The draft schedule will be <br />delivered within 2 weeks of the Notice to Proceed. <br /> <br />Deleted: <br />¶ <br />¶ <br />Task 2. Meeting, Workshops and Stakeholder Coordination <br /> <br /> <br />“WQ Monitoring Plan for Truckee River Watershed”" <br /> Exhibit “A” – Page 1 of 5 <br /> <br />