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<br />Summary of Relevant Requirements for Comprehensive Monitoring Plan <br />Placer County and Town of Truckee <br /> <br /> <br />Attached is a summary of requirements considered most relevant to the task of <br />developing comprehensive monitoring plans for the Town of Truckee and Placer <br />County jurisdictions. The comprehensive monitoring plan should address the <br />following requirements as appropriate to each entity: <br /> <br />1. the MS4 permit, Attachment 4 to the permit, and the 13267 letter that <br />supplements the permit provisions; <br />2. cumulative impacts monitoring associated with the Martis Valley <br />Community Plan EIR mitigation requirements; <br />3. the adopted Squaw Creek TMDL; and <br />4. the pending middle Truckee River TMDL. <br /> <br />Water Board staff considered requirements set in the MS4 general permit, <br />Attachment 4 to the permit, the 13267 letters requesting additional monitoring to <br />demonstrate the effectiveness of the Storm Water Management Programs <br />(SWMPs), the adopted Squaw Creek TMDL, and the pending TMDL for the <br />middle Truckee River watershed. Additional tracking or monitoring provisions <br />may also be required under the MS4 permit and should be addressed in the <br />SWMPs as necessary. <br /> <br />Staff did not provide specific guidance on the requirement for Placer County to <br />develop a cumulative effects monitoring strategy for the Martis Valley Community <br />Plan because this is a commitment made by Placer County under the <br />Environmental Impact Report for the area. However, certain monitoring elements <br />in the attached summary may help satisfy cumulative effects monitoring needs <br />and are noted in the table. In general, staff believe that Placer County needs to <br />develop an approach that includes measures that prevent impacts (e.g. develop <br />design standards based on hydro-modification modeling) in contrast to <br />monitoring that may detect impacts after development has occurred. <br /> <br />The attached summary provides suggestions for potential monitoring approaches <br />to address the key requirements. It does not include specific locations, <br />frequencies, or timing for monitoring. Staff expects the Town of Truckee and <br />Placer County to conduct their own analysis of the requirements and approaches <br />in developing the monitoring plans, and to propose appropriate strategies based <br />on the characteristics of the storm drain systems, the pollutants of concern, and <br />potential for water quality impacts. We understand that certain elements may be <br />dependent on the outcome of other tasks (e.g. drainage system mapping) and <br />that the complete monitoring plan may need to be developed in a sequential <br />fashion. Where necessary, the permittees should identify what tasks may be <br />dependent on others and specify the sequence and schedule for completing all <br />required plan elements. <br />