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<br />SR 89 Mousehole Stakeholders Committee Meeting <br />Agenda <br />November 15, 2007, 3:00 PM <br /> <br /> <br />I. Distribution of Caltrans Cost and Feasibility Analysis <br />A. Feasibility Findings <br />B. Cost Findings <br />C. Railroad Requirements <br />D. Right of Way <br />E. Other Findings <br /> <br />II. Additional Information Requests from Caltrans <br />A. Two-Track vs. Three-Track Alternatives <br />B. Modified Railroad Geometry <br />C. Other? <br /> <br />III. Evaluation Matrix <br /> <br />IV. Funding <br />A. Federal <br />1. Earmark <br />2. Surface Transportation Reauthorization <br />B. Railroad <br />C. State <br />1. STIP <br />2. HBRR <br />3. Prop 1B <br />D. Local <br />1. Town of Truckee Traffic Impact Fees <br />2. Regional Fee Sharing Agreement <br />3. Town of Truckee Sales Tax <br />4. Placer County Sales Tax <br /> <br />E. Letters of Support <br /> <br />V. Next Steps <br />A. Determination of Alternatives for Further Review <br />1. Project Development Team <br />2. Stakeholders Committee <br />3. Town Council <br />4. Caltrans <br /> <br />