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<br />SR 89 Mousehole Stakeholders Committee Meeting <br />Agenda <br />October 15, 2007, 4:30 PM <br /> <br />I. Introductions/Sign In <br />II. Project Background <br />III. Role/Purpose of Committee <br />IV. Meeting Schedule/Frequency <br />V. Project Goals <br />A. Pedestrian Safety <br />B. Bicycle Safety <br />C. Adequate Traffic Capacity <br />D. Truck Access <br />E. Emergency Vehicle Access <br />VI. Decision Making Entities <br />A. Caltrans <br />B. Union Pacific Railroad <br />C. Town of Truckee <br />D. Nevada County Transportation Commission <br />E. State Historic Preservation Officer <br />F. Department of Fish and Game <br />G. US Fish and Wildlife Service <br />H. Lahontan <br />I. Army Corp of Engineers <br />J. Public Utility Commission <br />VII. Conflicting Project Objectives <br />A. Minimize Impacts to the Railroad <br />B. Minimize Impacts to Donner Creek <br />C. Retain Historic Resources <br />D. Constructability <br />E. Construction Costs <br />F. Pedestrian Safety <br />G. Bike Safety <br />H. Traffic Capacity <br />I. Utilities <br />VIII. Alternatives <br />A. Pedestrian Bore <br />B. Short Bridge Alternative - Realigned Railroad <br />C. Short Bridge Alternative - Shoofly <br />D. Long Bridge Alternative <br />E. Tunnel Alternative <br />IX. Decision Making Process <br /> <br />