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6.1 Minutes of August 15, 1996 Regular Council Meeting. Recommendation: approve. <br />6.2 Proclamation for USS Archer-Fish (SS 311). Recommendation: approve. Mayor <br /> McCormack noted that Truckee resident, Judd Dygert, had been a crew member on <br /> the USS Archer-Fish. He would be presenting the proclamation at their reunion <br /> dinner on 9/18/96. <br />6.3 Proclamation for Truckee Wheel Chair Tennis Week. Recommendation: approve. <br /> Pulled from the Consent Calendar. <br />6.4 Ordinance establishing parking regulations for Truckee Intermodal Transportation <br /> Terminal by adding Chapter 10.13.160 to the Municipal Code. Recommendation: <br /> Waive the first reading and introduce the Ordinance. Mr. Wright requested that the <br /> ordinance be amended to include "and an infraction" in the last paragraph after "It <br /> is unlawful". <br /> <br />Motion by Councilmember Cross, Seconded by Counciimember Drake, and passed <br />unanimously to amend Ordinance 95-05 to include "and an infraction" in the last <br />paragraph after "It is unlawful" and introduce the ordinance. <br /> <br />COUNCIL IMMEDIATE PRIORITIES <br /> <br />7.1 <br /> <br />Sphere of Influence Report Update (continued from July 18, 1996). <br />Recommendation: Direction to staff. Tony Lashbrook, Director of Community <br />Development reviewed the key points of the report, i.e. the primary objectives and <br />future land use. Council had directed staff to meet with the affected parties and <br />remm with alternatives. Outstanding issues were: 1) clarification of LAFCo process <br />for adopting the sphere of influence; 2) CEQA compliance; 3) concerns of special <br />districts relating to policies which may affect special district spheres and <br />reorganizations; 4) Airport District's objection to being placed within sphere of <br />influence; 5) major landholders concerns regarding the sphere of influence; and 6) <br />LAFCo preliminary comments. He then reviewed the purpose of LAFCo, definition <br />of sphere of influence, and the definition of sprawl. <br /> <br />The Airport District opposed inclusion in the sphere and the 1-5 year annexation <br />horizon. He then reviewed the three alternatives as outlined in the report. Staff <br />recommended Option 2 - Exclude Airport District property from the sphere boundary <br />based on a finding that a decision to include or exclude the property was premature <br />at the present time because the Airport District was committed to updating the <br />Airport Master Plan in the near future which could provide a vehicle for the Town <br />to address land use and general plan consistency which was the primary reason the <br />Airport was included. The Airport District Board of Directors unanimously <br />supported the concept of entering into a memorandum of understanding with the <br />Town. Councilmember Cross questioned if Option 2 would require a General Plan <br />amendment. Mr. Lashbrook responded that an immediate General Plan amendment <br />would not be required. It could be left open until the Master Plan was completed. <br /> <br /> Town CouncilMinutes <br />SeptemberS, 1996Regular <br /> Page 2 <br /> <br /> <br />