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Barbara Smith, Tahoe/Donner Resident, Chair of Committee of Tahoe/Donner Board of <br />Directors, stated they were trying to establish transportation within Tahoe/Donner. <br /> <br />Mercy Galvin, representing Truckee Pines Headstart Preschool, stated the transit system had <br />worked to accommodate their program with field trips, services for parents/families, and staff <br />support. She requested that they consider a lower fee for low income children. <br /> <br />Couneilmember Susman noted the increased ridership over the last seven months, but also noted <br />there had been decreased service to seniors. He hoped to see a Glenshire route and expansion oftbe <br />private/public partnerships. <br /> <br />Carol Hester, TNTtTMA, stated the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association was also doing a long <br />term transportation implementation plan which would have some connectivity to the Truckee <br />system. There was also a North Tahoe Airport Study underway. <br /> <br />Don Huber, Bus Driver, informed the public that the High Sierra Senior van had been reactivated <br />and was utilized for after hours and Reno trips. He felt the service to the seniors had been reduced. <br />He recommended better training for drivers regarding local destinations. He also requested that the <br />radio obtained through fund raising be returned to the seniors. <br /> <br />Hans Osterman, requested that senior service be extended in the evenings and on weekends. He <br />noted that the trolleys were not easily accessible to the seniors and that some of the trolley stops <br />were too far away from the stores for the seniors to walk. <br /> <br />Tom Parker, ATM, stated their ridership had increased and 90% of the ridership was seniors. <br /> <br />Councilmember Susman questioned if air quality funding was being utilized to augment <br />transportation. <br /> <br />Mr. McCullogh replied that some air quality funding was utilized and it would be addressed the in <br />the Service Plan, Financing Plan, and Capital Plan. <br /> <br />Cheryl Fox, ATM Dispatcher, stated since they moved their office they had increased their <br />accuracy and scheduling. She also felt service should be expanded for later in the evenings and on <br />weekends. <br /> <br />Councilmember McCormack stated it was difficult to design a system to meet the needs of the entire <br />community. He felt Dial-A-Ride service on the weekends would be a desirable next step along with <br />extended hours during the week. He questioned what could be done in the future to attract visitors <br />to public transportation. <br /> <br />Mr. McCullogh replied that 23% of the ridership was tourists and 35% of those had a vehicle <br />available to them. The new service had been in place only seven months but the ridership had <br />tippled. <br /> <br />Mayor Drake commended Tom Covey, Public Works Director, and ATM for the improvements <br />within the transportation system. <br /> <br />Mr. Wright informed the Council that a letter had been received from Mr. Jim Smith in support of <br />the transit system (a copy is on file). <br /> <br /> Town Council Minutes <br />March 20, 1997 Regular <br /> Page 2 <br /> <br /> <br />