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TRUCKEE DEVELOPMENT CODE - INDEX <br /> <br />Applicability of Development Code <br />Application fees <br />Applications <br /> Appeals <br /> Demolition review <br /> Development permits <br /> Environmental assessment <br /> Historic design review <br /> Historic variances <br /> Initial review <br /> Lot line adjustments <br /> Minor use permits <br /> Phasing <br />Planned developments <br />Review and decisions <br />Review authorities <br />Time extensions <br />Time limits <br />Use permits <br />Variances <br />Zoning clearance <br />Archaeological/cultural resources <br />Awning signs <br /> <br /> I-4 <br /> IV-8 <br /> <br />IV-9, VI-19 <br /> IV-39 <br /> IV-15 <br />IV-8 <br />IV-23 <br />IV-37 <br />IV-8 <br />IV-47 <br />IV-19 <br />IV-42 <br />IV-29 <br />IV-9 <br />IV-6 <br />IV-43 <br />IV-42 <br />IV-19 <br />IV-35 <br />IV-11 <br />III-10 <br />111-150,182 <br /> <br />B <br /> <br />Bed and breakfasts <br /> Development standards <br /> Historic resources <br />Bedrooms <br />Bicycle parking <br />Broadcasting towers <br />Building design <br /> Design guidelines <br /> Historic preservation design guidelines <br /> <br />II1-191 <br /> II-59 <br /> I1-22 <br /> III-128 <br /> III-229 <br /> <br /> II-73 <br />II-103 <br /> <br />C <br /> <br />Car washes <br />Cellular/wireless communication facilities <br />Certificate of Appropriateness <br />Certificate of Economic Hardship <br />Certificates of compliance <br /> <br />II-100 <br />III-226 <br />IV-25 <br />IV-26 <br />V-55 <br /> <br /> September 2001 <br />2 <br /> <br /> <br />